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Orsini’s latest jewellery & travel updates

Orsini’s latest jewellery & travel updates

Orsini’s latest jewellery & travel updates
A quick update you on the latest Orsini news, I visited my suppliers in Northern Italy in May and had training and viewings of the latest season collections from Europe. Some of these collections have already arrived in the store.
We visited Marco Bicego headquarters in Trissino, North Vicenza. This is always very inspiring meeting with Marco and going through the new collections. The architectural design of the building is superb and reflects their love of style and luxury.

Marco Bicego jewellery headquarters

Sarah visiting Marco Bicego

Marco Bicego recently launched their Lunaria collection which is beautiful…

Lunaria collection 18k gold with aquamarines

After visiting Marco Bicego we stayed in the beautiful town of Verona, one of my favorite parts of Italy. An old medieval town with so much history and beautiful shops and restaurants.


Of course I could not help but notice the fun and playful Dodo jewellery store!

Dodo store in Verona

Next on the itinerary was Milano, the home of Pomellato, where the jewellery is handmade my expert jewellers on the premise. I viewed the new collections and had training on the Pomellato & Dodo jewellery. We were also privileged to be there when the famous Pom Pom collection was in house. Unbelievably breathtaking!

Sarah at the Pomellato headquarters

Sarah trying on the magnificent Pom Pom jewellery collections
Even though the Pom Pom collection was truly remarkable pieces of jewellery, the market for these masterpieces is quite limited in NZ. I had to curb my excitement and go back to the more ‘everyday’ collections. I was very thrilled with the new editions to the collections, and already have in store the stunning new Nudo rings with diamonds, sapphires, emeralds & rubies. These have just been launched in Europe so ‘hot off the press’.

Nudo collection with diamonds, sapphires, emeralds & rubies

Another stunning new collection is expanding on the beautiful m'ama non m'ama collection, now they have new varieties of rings including blue & pink sapphires, tzavorites, and stunning pendants.

New mama non mama rings, loves me loves me not..

A favorite of mine was the Rouge Passion collection, these rings and pieces were breathtakingly beautiful and definitely worth popping in to view…

Rouge Passions collection with gold, synth rubies and

I had the amazing opportunity to meet the head of Chantecler, Maria Elena, and go through their exquisite collections. Chantecler story is a constant celebration of Capri paradise, the atmosphere of the Capri island is reflected in the jewellery and their ‘Joie de vivre’. Chantecler jewellery is famous for the bell ‘campanelle’ which can be worn on bracelets or necklaces, encrusted in diamonds, sapphires, rubies, emeralds… Many celebrities fell in love with Chantecler jewellery during the Dolce Vita era: Grace Kelly, Linda Darnell, Ingrid Bergman and Jacqueline Kennedy.
Chantecler is a truly iconic and famous brand of jewellery from the Island of Capri. It is wonderful to know I can source any of these pieces for any special client requests. They have a wonderful collection of rings in coral and turquoise and of course an extensive selection of campanelle.
To spend time on the island of Capri was very memorable, the people had a genuine warmth and hospitality. We had the privilege of being present for the feast of the Patron Saint Patron of the isle of Capri, St. Constance. This is the procession that takes place every year and includes a huge parade of the local people and an incessant sound of the bells. After the procession was an amazing opera concert in the square. A spectacle that we will certainly remember with fond memories.
As always Italy was warm and welcoming…and the jewellery breathtaking…


Sarah x
Orsini House