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    Free Shipping within New Zealand

    Infinity ring with 11 Oval cut diamonds set in platinum lying on fabric in the sun

    Free Shipping within New Zealand

    Free Shipping within New Zealand

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    Free Shipping within New Zealand

    The Luxury Network New Zealand Welcomes Orsini Fine Jewellery

    We are very excited to welcome new member Orsini Fine Jewellery to The Luxury Network New Zealand.

    At Orsini, they believe in creating distinctive and personalised pieces that stand the test of time and are able to be passed down to be enjoyed by generations to come. ‘Orsini’ is an Italian name, steeped in tradition and history, embodying family, quality, style and lasting beauty, all features that are seamlessly incorporated in the design of each piece of jewellery.

    The name is also appropriate as Orsini showcases a collection of fine jewellery that director Sarah Hutchings lovingly hand sources from Italy.

    “Fine jewellery is not merely about accessorising. It’s about quality pieces that reflect your unique sense of style that will be cherished from generation to generation.” – Sarah Hutchings

    Sarah opened the doors to Orsini Fine Jewellery in 2008, sharing her passion for handcrafted Italian jewellery with the world. Her affection for fine Italian Jewellery came about when living in Europe where her father-in-law, former jeweller Peter Hutchings, introduced her to the Vicenza Jewellery Fair in Northern Italy. Here, Sarah was inspired by the exquisite designs and intricate craftsmanship of European jewellers and knew she wanted to share her love of quality, hand-crafted European designed jewellery with New Zealand.

    With her passion activated by the Italian flair for fine, hand-crafted jewellery, Sarah launched Orsini, alongside a custom jewellery workshop where engagement rings are beautifully designed and created. She became a highly skilled and passionate designer with certification in diamond grading and GIA training in Gemmology, and nurtured a specialty for creating stunning, custom designed engagement rings that represent the unique personality and distinctive style of her clients.

    Ten years on, Orsini is home to a stunning and ever-changing collection of fine Italian pieces. Along with Sarah’s expertise, Orsini draws on the expertise of master jewellers here in New Zealand to create incredible custom engagement rings and other custom pieces.