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What shape of diamond sparkles the most?

I thought this was very interesting information as often women are after sparkly diamonds…it is really important to understand how the shape can effect this when you are buying an engagement ring style & setting.

Which diamond shape sparkles the most? This is just a rough idea but thought this was quite useful information, especially if you are out buying engagement rings and after a diamond that really sparkles!

Here is a listing of the estimated refractive qualities of popular shapes, compared against the industry standard, the round brilliant cut of course does the best with its 57 facets! Interestingly the Marquise, Oval & Pear shapes also do very well..

100% Round brilliant cut
90% Marquise cut
90% Oval cut
90% Pear cut
80% Heart cut
70% Princess cut
70% Triangle cut
60% Cushion cut
60% Emerald cut
60% Original Asscher cut (Royal Asscher sparkles more)
60% Radiant cut
45% Baguette cut

The smartest choice is a round brilliant cut (RBC) diamond, preferably in a stunning prong setting. I would chose an excellent diamond cut, polish & symmetry. Also recommended is a higher clarity, meaning nothing on the inside or on the surface of the diamond should interfere with the light refraction. It is all about maximising that sparkle! I personally love the round brilliant cut diamonds.

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Happy diamond, engagement ring shopping!

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