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    Free Shipping within New Zealand

    Free Shipping within New Zealand

    Free Shipping within New Zealand

    Infinity ring with 11 Oval cut diamonds set in platinum lying on fabric in the sun

    Free Shipping within New Zealand

    Free Shipping within New Zealand

    reworking existing jewellery

    Free Shipping within New Zealand

    Orsini Traghetto Engagement Ring

    This ring references the traghetto, a boat similar to a Venetian gondola that is also strongly associated with love. Traghetti are used as an alternative to cross the canals of Venice, making them a bridge between two sides. The Orsini Traghetto Ring represents the joining of two halves, with the central marquise diamond symbolising an everlasting love between two people. A contemporary setting with four claws and an additional v claw on each end of the central diamond, this ring is designed for a large, elegant, marquise diamond.

    Customised in either platinum or white, yellow, or rose gold.

    Each diamond is personally selected and hand finished in the Orsini New Zealand jewellery workshop by master jewellers to their exacting standards.

    Marquise cut diamonds are available in varying grades, clarity, sizes and colours. Quotes are variable depending on your budget and choice of diamonds. 

    Please enquire to find out more information or to book an appointment for a personalised consultation.

    All rings made to order

    Whether you already know what you’re looking for and can’t find it elsewhere, or just want support to create something truly unique, a custom piece designed by Orsini will incorporate your individual character and distinctive style with a timeless approach to design.

    Conflict Free Stones

    Orsini Fine Jewellery uses diamonds that are sourced with credible laboratories that use certified laser inscribing on the girdle (the thin perimeter) of the stone, such as GIA or HRD.