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    Orsini Diamond Educational Evening & Moet Champagne Tasting

    Sarah at Orsini Jewellers hosted a fabulous Diamond Educational Evening with a select group of ladies at their Parnell boutique in Auckland, NZ.

    On show was a fabulous selection of diamonds in many shapes and sizes; round brilliant, oval, princess, square emerald (asscher), radiant, rectangular radiant, emerald, pear, marquise, trillion (triangular), black diamonds & champagne diamonds. We discussed and were able to view the differences in cut, color, clarity, carat weight and some of the history behind these stunning rocks! Of course we had quite a bit of security on hand and checks and processes to monitor the diamonds. We also tried to view the inclusions with the loupe (magnifies the diamond x 10), not easy to do and makes you realize that there is quite of bit of knowledge required to be a diamond grader.

    Sarah inspecting diamonds

    When it comes to diamonds, what you see is not as simple as it seems! Diamonds are created through a complex process, approx 3500 million years ago just after the formation of the earth, combining incredibly high temperatures and pressure … from this process a rare and beautiful diamond is formed. Diamonds are fascinating as they are by far the hardest of all known natural substances. Because of their strength, they were initially used for such purposes as engraving other gems, such as sapphire, cameos, and for drilling holes in hard stone beads. In France in the thirteenth century only the king could wear diamonds. They were not used as jewellery in Europe until the late 13th century. The word “diamond” comes from the Greek word “Adams,” meaning unconquerable.  No wonder there is so much romance associated with diamonds. Often said to be a girl’s best friend. You can understand why, they have adorned princesses, queens, and movie stars, dazzled us all by their beauty and when fashioned into an engagement or eternity ring the diamond becomes a symbol of love, commitment and true romance. Romantic evenings are often partnered with champagne and beautiful food, it was only appropriate that the evening was sponsored by Moet with a stunning selection of vintages and lovely platters of antipasti by NSP (Non Solo Pizza, Parnell).

    Based on the positive feedback from the attendees we will be hosting more of these fabulous diamond & champagne evenings.

    If anyone is interested in attending these evenings join our database so that you are up to date with what is happening in the store and other fabulous events hosted by Orsini Jewellers. We have a lot in the pipeline with an upcoming fashion event, and of course the polo in the New Year, one of the biggest polo events in the southern hemisphere. Watch this space!