Diamond Engagement Rings

New Zealand’s finest in custom diamond rings and engagement rings, designed and handcrafted by Orsini’s team of skilled goldsmiths. Sarah and the team love to work with clients to create unique diamond rings that will be cherished forever. Contact Orsini today for your design consultation.

Our Diamonds

You can customise any engagement ring design for diamonds of different sizes, typically including 0.5ct to 1, 2 or  3 carat diamonds. Quality is paramount at Orsini Fine Jewellery and we use conflict free diamonds to create the highest quality diamond engagement rings, hand crafted by our team of master jewellers. Sarah is a diamond expert and can help you select the perfect diamond.

Orsini Signature

'Just as diamonds are forced through the earth millions of years ago with great pressure, the explosion of a champagne cork has a great synergy. Champagne represent couples celebrating special moments in life and can also represent the 'best & luxurious'. We like to stamp the inside of each ring with our signature, a champagne coloured diamond'.