About Us

Sarah Hutchings

Sarah loves being able to bring quality jewellery to clients in New Zealand. The Italian language bestows so much meaning to a word. 'Orsini' is not only an Italian name, it is a word that implies: family, quality, style and lasting beauty. Steeped in such meaning and tradition, to Sarah Hutchings, Orsini Director, the word is also an appropriate designation for a fine jewellery collection she lovingly hand sources from Italy.

"Fine jewellery is not merely about accessorizing. It’s about quality pieces that reflect your unique sense of style that will be cherished from generation to generation."

~ Sarah Hutchings
Diamond, Colored Gemstone Graduate & Accredited Jewellery Professional, Gemology Institute of America. Practical Diamond Grader, The Gemological Association of Australia. BHSc, MA

Sarah and her team of experienced goldsmiths are also passionate about designing & making custom-made jewellery, specializing in diamond engagement rings. Orsini engagement rings are designed using CAD technology and made by NZ master jewellers. Orsini jewellers have 40 plus years of experience each, have traditional jewellery apprenticeships as well as trade certificates in jewellery. Our jewellers are also members of the Goldsmith Guild of New Zealand. Members have industry-recognized qualifications and agree to abide by the Jewellers & Watchmakers of New Zealand Inc. Code of Ethics. Sarah adds to this expertise with her specialized knowledge on diamonds and engagement rings having GIA certification and specialist diamond grading training through the GAA. At Orsini we pride ourselves on our high quality and excellent workmanship.

Sarah & the staff love to make you feel welcomed and delighted by your jewellery experience. Often jewellery is purchased for a variety of reasons; to cheer yourself up, to signify a special moment in your life such as an engagement, to show someone that you love them, to treasure a memory, to celebrate an occasion, or to replace lost or stolen jewellery.

Please let us know how we can help. We have a extensive knowledge and a comprehensive range of jewellery in the store. We also have a variety of catalogues for clients to browse through, whilst enjoying a vino, coffee or tea. Anything not in store can easily be ordered from Italy from approx 1-6 weeks, depending on the availability. Gucci jewellery may take longer as the brand is so in demand.

Our engagement, wedding rings & Italian jewellery collections, Gucci Fine Jewellery, Hulchi Belluni, Marco Bicego, Pomellato, Gucci, Dodo & Damiani are available tax free to international travelers, including New Zealand residents. Please feel free to contact us for further information 09 3543115.