Custom Engagement Rings

All custom engagement rings designed by Orsini are exceptional in quality, craftsmanship and beauty.

Design your custom engagement ring with our head-jeweller, Sarah Hutchings, and her team of master jewellers. Orsini engagement rings are crafted to embody an intense personality and distinctive style, that is stunning, unique and timeless.

Quality is paramount at Orsini. We make sure all of our diamonds are ethically sourced from conflict-free regions to create masterpieces in fine jewellery design that will be cherished for years to come.

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Custom Design Examples

We have a large collection of custom engagement rings and diamond rings that you can use for inspiration. Deciding on the perfect piece of jewellery is all about striking a balance between self expression, simple adornment and relaxed elegance. View our full collection of diamond rings.

At Orsini, we have a large and diverse collection of rings and designs to look at and try on for inspiration. You can also have fun browsing through our vast

folder collection of various rings and settings to help you visualise what you have in mind for your special occasion.

Insieme Round Brillante Solitaire Diamond Ring

Insieme is Italian for ‘together’ and this round ‘brilliant’ solitaire ring represents the incredible joy when two people decide to join together forever.

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Princess-Cut with Two Trillions Diamond Ring

Princess-Cut with Two Trillions Diamond Ring

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Rondo Brilliant Micropavé Diamond Ring

The rounded form of this ring is luxurious and encapsulates the round brilliant diamonds sensuous curves.

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Design Consultation for your Custom Ring

Sarah Hutchings and her team will be able to help you choose the right gemstone, shape and setting to ensure your engagement ring fits perfectly, looks stunning, and is within your budget.

Diamonds are the most popular gemstone for engagement rings and Sarah is a specialist in diamond selection. With so many variables to consider i.e. carat weight, colour, clarity and cut characteristics, she is only too happy to go through a diamond education session with you to help you choose the right stone for your engagement ring.

Contact Orsini today for your design consultation.

Our Expert Jewellers

Sarah opened Orsini Fine Jewellery in Parnell in 2007 as the exclusive stockists of Italian jewellery brand Pianegonda. She is a highly skilled and passionate

designer with certification in diamond grading and GIA training in Gemmology.

Her speciality is creating stunning, custom designed engagement rings that represent the unique personality and distinctive style of her clients.

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