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    How to Choose Your Ring

    Step 1 - Choose the style / setting you prefer

    This is probably the hardest stage of all, where you narrow down your preference in style, what you and your partner love and what is the most flattering on your hand. We have a large and diverse collection of rings and designs for you to look at and try on for inspiration. Pop into Orsini to look at our extensive selection of sample rings. This is always good fun! We also have large folders with collections & images of various rings and settings. There are a variety of gemstone shapes and determining the shape of your main gemstone can also be a key factor in determining the design. Please see the main diamond & gemstone shapes below. The most popular shape is the round brilliant cut as this shape is generally superior to fancy diamond shapes as the proper reflection of light, maximizes the potential brightness. In other words your ring can really sparkle! Other diamond shapes below are, asscher, emerald, oval, marquise, pear, radiant, princess, heart. 

    Diamond Selection

    Step 2 - Select the Precious Metal & Gemstone or Diamond

    Please refer to the Precious Metal information here to learn more about the different types of metals used. My preference for diamond engagement ring settings is platinum or 18k white or yellow gold. Please note that 18k white gold is rhodium plated to give the metal the white shiny surface and will need re plating periodically depending on the amount of wear. Most people get their rings re rhodium plated every year, this can be done at the same time as getting your setting checked, a requirement by most insurance companies.

    The Orsini Engagement Rings are manufactured in Platinum, 18k Yellow, White and Rose Gold & 14k Yellow, White and Rose Gold. We also offer any combination of these metals. We do not recommend 9k gold and  this article explains the reasons very well. We often recommend the claws holding the diamond are in platinum as this is such a hard metal. We are happy to discuss your particular requirements to discover whether Platinum or Gold is right for you.

    Sarah and the team have specialized training in diamonds & coloured gemstones and can help you select your diamond or appropriate gemstone. Please be aware that many gemstones may not be appropriate for engagement rings as they are not designed to be worn daily. Corundrums (sapphires and rubies) are suitable. Sapphires can come in many colours (blue, green, orange, pink, yellow, purple, colourless or black) and can be perfect solution for coloured gemstones in engagement rings. At Orsini we do not recommend emeralds, aquamarines, tanzanites and many other gemstones for engagement rings. The reason why diamonds are so popular for engagement rings is their hardness and durability. There are a number of aspects to consider when selecting the perfect diamond. Budget is unfortunately always a factor as the diamond prices can change dramatically depending on the carat weight, colour, clarity, cut characteristics. We recommend you read ourdiamond education section to learn more about diamonds. Sarah is more than happy to go through a diamond education session with you to help you grasp the basic knowledge about diamonds. At Orsini we try and find the perfect diamond depending on what you are looking for, whether it be size, sparkle or both!