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    Discovering the Charm of Champagne Gems

    The Allure of the Brown Diamond

    When you think of diamonds, the classic image that comes to mind is probably a dazzling, colourless stone capturing and refracting light in a stunning display. Feel free to pop into Orsini anytime to see many of these…However, there's a whole spectrum of diamond colours that deserve attention. Among these, brown diamonds, often referred to as champagne diamonds, are making a significant impact in the world of fine jewellery. These unique gems offer a warm, earthy elegance that stands apart from the more traditional diamond choices. Personally, I love my Sabbia champagne diamond ring from Pomellato. Warm autumn colours have always been my favourite.

    Let’s dive into the world of brown diamonds and explore what makes them so special.

    “Brown Diamonds”?

    Brown diamonds are natural diamonds that range in colour from light brown to deep cognac. These hues are the result of the diamond's internal structure absorbing light in different ways, often due to the presence of nitrogen or other trace elements. Their warm tones can vary widely, offering shades that range from a subtle hint of brown to a rich, vibrant hue.

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    Sometimes a little rebrand is all that’s needed…

    Brown diamonds have been known and used for centuries, but they were not always appreciated in the same way as they are today. Historically, these diamonds were often seen as less desirable due to their colour, which didn't fit the traditional ideal of a clear, colourless stone. However, in the 1980s, a shift began when the Argyle Diamond Mine in Australia, which produces a significant percentage of the world’s brown diamonds, started marketing these gems as "champagne diamonds" and "cognac diamonds." This clever rebranding highlighted their unique beauty and natural appeal, sparking new interest and demand.

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    The Grading and Value of Brown Diamonds

    Like all diamonds, brown diamonds are graded based on the Four Cs: Carat, Cut, Clarity, and Colour.

    • Colour: The colour of brown diamonds is graded on a scale that ranges from C1 (light champagne) to C7 (deep cognac). The richer and more intense the colour, the more valuable the diamond typically is.
    • Cut: The cut of a brown diamond can significantly affect its brilliance and overall appearance. Skilled cutting can enhance the stone's natural colour and luster.
    • Clarity: Brown diamonds, like all diamonds, can have inclusions or internal flaws. However, the warm tones of these diamonds can often mask inclusions that might be more noticeable in a colourless stone.
    • Carat: As with any diamond, the size of the stone plays a crucial role in its value. Larger brown diamonds are rare and therefore more valuable.
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    Why We Love Brown Diamonds

    So, what makes brown diamonds so appealing? One major factor is their uniqueness. In a sea of clear diamonds, a brown diamond stands out with its distinctive warmth. These gems can complement a wide range of skin tones and styles, adding a touch of individuality to any piece of jewellery. Personally, autumn tones have always suited me, and I’m drawn to the brown diamonds’ warmth.

    Brown diamonds are also versatile. Their earthy tones can be paired with various metals and settings, from classic gold and platinum to more contemporary designs. Whether set in a simple solitaire ring or surrounded by a halo of white diamonds, brown diamonds exude a sophisticated charm. Pomellato’s designs are a great example of this.

    Another more obvious appeal is the less expensive price when compared to white diamonds.

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    Brown diamonds, with their warm hues and unique charm, offer a distinctive alternative to the traditional clear diamond. Their rise in popularity is a testament to their undeniable beauty and versatility. Whether you're considering a piece of jewellery for a special occasion or simply exploring the diverse world of gemstones, champagne diamonds provide an elegant and captivating option.

    So next time you’re in the market for a diamond, would you consider a champagne gem? I know that I did. These stunning stones bring a touch of the extraordinary to any collection, celebrating the natural beauty and diversity of diamonds.

    Pop into Orsini in Parnell anytime to see some stunning champagne diamonds on display. We’ll even clean your jewellery for free while you’re here.


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