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    AL CORO JEWELS arrives in New Zealand

    We are excited to launch Al Coro Jewellery in New Zealand. A brand that Sarah Hutchings, Director of Orsini, has been following and admiring for many years.

    'the first time I saw Al Coro was at the Vicenza jewellery fair in 2009. I was immediately drawn to the jewellery. It has a bold, clean contemporary style which is both feminine & elegant'.

    Al Coro uniquely embodies Italian glamour and the joyously sensual lifestyle of “la dolce vita”: feminine, fascinating and absolutely fashion-conscious. Inspired by the rich history and culture of Italy, Al Coro simultaneously also upholds the traditional art of Italian goldsmithery. The enchanting result of this exclusive mixture is an unmistakable design code that’s recognized around the world as quintessentially Italian, profoundly feminine and characteristically Al Coro. Innovatively modern, sensually romantic and timelessly beautiful, Al Coro’s collections spark pure emotions and offer every woman a perfect assortment from which to choose her personal favorite piece of jewelry. That’s “amore a prima vista” – love at first sight!

    Al Coro Jewellery Spirit


    Al Coro Philosophy

    Tradition brings with it an obligation. And success goes hand in hand with an even stronger responsibility. That’s why all of Al Coro’s collections have mellifluous Italian names. Each line is distinguished by an overarching style that typifies the brand and assures that the various lines of Al Coro jewelry can be combined with one another, while simultaneously inspiring new and creative looks.
    The masterminds behind the Al Coro brand are Alexander and Daniel Corolli, two brothers whose ancestors came from Vicenza, the Italian jewelry Mecca. The jewelry gene surely runs in this family: their father Giuliano Corolli already celebrated tremendous successes with his “Corolli Design” label. After co founding the Al Coro brand in the late 1990s, the Corolli Brothers went on to create iconic designs like “Mezzaluna” and “Serenata.” Al Coro soon came to epitomize contemporary Italian jewelry design.
    The secret of their success is “la passiona italiana,” i.e. Italian passion that enlivens every new jewelry idea. Al Coro combines this ardor with a healthy dose of German thoroughness and insistence on the highest quality. Al Coro’s designs are inspired by Italian lifestyle and crafted in Bella Italia, but the label’s headquarters are in Cologne, the German metropolis on the Rhine River. In short: the best from both worlds, i.e. from south and north of the Alps, makes Al Coro so special and desirable.

    Al Coro Jewellery Philosophy