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    Gucci Fine Jewelry new collections arrive in time for Christmas

    We are super excited to have received shipments from the Gucci headquarters in time for the busy Christmas season.

    In the fine jewellery collections we have the fabulous Flora collections, set with shimmering white diamonds, the GG running, the Ouroboros and the Lion head. In the Gucci Silver collections the new Boule bracelet has just arrived.

    Gucci Fine Jewellery

    The GG running line hasbeenanimatedwithanewcolorvariationcraftedinwhitegoldandsetwithpinktopazforasophisticatedandromantictouch.AnewmodernchokerfeaturingthedoubleGlogoonthefrontaswellasacuffbracelethavebeenintroducedThebracelet featurestheGGelementscraftedinalargersize ascomparedtothecarry-overversion.

    One of my favorite symbols, thelionheadsign, asymbolofstrengthand courage,isnewlyintroducedinasmallersizewithinthe Gucci Fine Jewelry collection. Thenewlineincludes apendant,necklacesandstudearringsinwhiteoryellowgold,diamondsandpreciouscoloredgemstones.Despitebeingeyecatchingandveryprecious,thejewelscanbeworneveryday.

    Pop into Orsini to browse these latest Gucci collections before they sell out.