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    Precious metals recommendations for Orsini Engagement Rings & Wedding Bands

    Sarah often gets asked for information about the metals used to manufacture the Orsini wedding bands and engagement rings. Sarah sources wedding bands from one of the largest suppliers in the Southern Hemisphere, Peter Beck.

    Yellow Gold Gold has been a universal symbol of wealth and has been highly sought after since the beginning of recorded history. Gold is found in many forms, from alluvial to nuggets and in ore where many tonnes can yield only a few ounces. Pure Gold is rich yellow in colour and is far too soft and malleable to be used in jewellery, so fine gold is mixed or alloyed with other metals to give it strength and durability. Alloying Gold creates a vast spectrum of colours and carats, carat being the scale of purity of Gold Alloys, the higher the carat, the higher the gold content. For example, 18ct Gold contains 75% pure gold by weight and 9ct Gold contains 37.5% pure gold by weight.Gold lasts forever and will not rust, tarnish or corrode. It is an everlasting and treasured precious metal that has withstood the test of time. Sarah recommends 18k gold be used in the wedding bands and engagement rings as this is more durable.

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    White Gold In the 1920’s White Gold was created by mixing fine Yellow Gold with other precious white metals like Platinum, Palladium and Silver. White Gold’s popularity grew over the decades as it became known as a less expensive alternative to Platinum, but still possesses its own distinctive white hue and characteristics. The colour of White Gold can vary depending on the alloy formula used (often has a tinge of yellow), so in order to create consistent brightness, Peter W Beck & Orsini incorporates Rhodium Plating across all of its White Gold wedding ring range & engagement rings. Rhodium plating needs to be redone on a regular basis depending on wear. Often at least once per year.

    Pink or Rose Gold found its status in fashionable early European society in the nineteenth century, being worn to adorn large gemstones, and to mix with other hues of precious gold. The Pink Gold alloy utilizes the rich yellow of Gold and the reddish hue of Copper to produce its warm pink and rose tones. Sarah is finding there is an increasing use of rose gold lately.

    Platinum is the rarest, and most valuable of all the precious metals. It has inspired legendary fashion icons, and was used in early Egyptian times to adorn Priestess’s caskets. Only a small amount of Platinum is produced each year, which enhances its rarity. Platinum jewellery contains more fine metal than most other jewellery, being at least 95% pure. This rich purity makes Platinum hypoallergenic, and its natural white colour will not tarnish easily. Platinum will however dull with micro scratches on the surface of the metal. One of the strongest metals used in jewellery, Platinum will endure through all uses. It will resist wear even after a lifetime of use and is one of the best precious metals for setting gemstones and diamonds.

    Palladium A Platinum family member, Palladium is rich in luster and has a slightly different shade of white to its sister Platinum. This rare white metal has been found among early Egyptian artifacts, but it is only in the last few years that it has rapidly gained recognition as a vibrant addition to use in finished jewellery. As strong and as naturally white as Platinum; Palladium is durable and will last forever. Palladium, although very similar to Platinum, has differing characteristics making it a unique and naturally stunning precious metal.

    Titanium is a naturally metallic grey metal with a distinctive smoky, charcoal grey hue. Titanium’s strength ensures it retains its shape for a lifetime, and its durability means it will never rust or tarnish. Titanium is also one of the lightest jewellery metals, making it among the most comfortable to wear. Significantly, Titanium is perfect for anyone with sensitive skin. Hypoallergenic, it is completely neutral to the human body, causing no skin irritation or discoloration whatsoever. Titanium’s strength and resilience are appealing attributes for such a comfortable and lightweight metal.

    I hope this has been helpful.


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