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The story of the Dodo charms - Dodomania

The story of the Dodo charms - Dodomania

The story of the Dodo charms - Dodomania

The Italians call it 'Dodomania' — the phenomenon of being crazy about Dodo’s jewellery charms. I just visited Italy recently and they are crazy about Dodo!

Dodo and its family of charms & jewels were created by the famous Italian jewellery brand Pomellato in 1995. The aim was to be a jewellery brand that could "converse".

“Each charm contains its own tender and loving message enabling the giver or the wearer to communicate without needing to utter a single word,”

They have over 60 charms in their collection with new ones being introduced all the time. Each one of these charms has a message. For e.g. the Penguin says, "crazy in love", the Dachshund says, ‘’I’d go to any length for you’’ and the Frog, ‘’Fancy a kiss, love?’’ The Rainbow charms are studded with colorful gemstones that include blue sapphires, red rubies and green tsavorites. Once again, each charms claims to have a story: the Gecko whispers “Keep me warm” and the Swallow "Come back to me", the Octopus pleads “More hugs, please”. The original charms were in yellow gold, however some of the new collections of charms are in beautiful rose gold colors. The latest collections just being launched are in brighter colors as well as softer pastel hues, gorgeous for the summer time

Original Dodo charms in 18k rose gold & diamonds.

Dodo jewellery classic look

The more recent collections with rose gold

Dodo jewellery with rose gold charms

The latest Dodo looks from Milan

Dodo jewellery

Dodo creations, alphabet jewellery in rose gold

Dodo summer jewellery charms

Dodo summer fun jewellery

Dodo summer anklet jewellery

Dodo jewellery at the beach

Dodo seaside jewellery

Dodo fun

Dodo fun jewellery

Dodo jewellery for the kitchen 'lucky chef' collection

Dodo jewellery for the chef

Dodo rainbow collection

Dodo rainbow collection

Dodo jewellery can be worn with other brands

Dodo jewellery with other brands

Dodo jewellery for love

Dodo jewellery with love messages

Dodo 'follow your dreams'

Follow your dreams with Dodo

Dodo moon

Dodo moon jewellery

Dodo chains in different colours with hearts and tags

Dodo coloured chains

Dodo's latest looks with hearts, lightening bolt charm & tassels

Dodo bangle

Dodo moon and drop charm

Dodo jewels bangle with blue charms

Dodo jewels new campaign

Dodo jewellery gold and diamond necklaces

Dodo fun

Dodo charms and rings

Have fun with Dodo jewellery

Dodo charms


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