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    2018 Trend: ‘East West’ Engagement Rings

    The ‘East West’ Engagement Ring Trend is gaining momentum and will be big in 2018

    ~ by Sarah Hutchings, Orsini Jewellers, November 17, 2017

    A new trend is emerging in the engagement ring market. They call it the ‘East-West’ setting. I picked up this style many years ago when visiting my supplier in Vicenza. One of the managers at the time was wearing a stunning oval ‘east-west’ setting. I loved the look and immediately adapted the style & setting to one of my designs (Carrozzino ring). Because this is for an engagement ring, I would only recommend diamonds or sapphires. However the shapes can be adapted from rectangular shaped cushion cuts, ovals, pears, octagonals, or the classic emerald cuts.

    There are a number of reasons why we love this engagement ring. The horizontal aspect to the design is a decidedly fresh aesthetic to the classic engagement ring style, and surprisingly flattering to wear. The setting also has a quirky unexpected twist to your traditional diamond setting. While being very modern, it also combines the classic cuts, such as the oval, pear, radiant or emerald, and can be easily made slightly more traditional with a halo finish or milgrain edge detailing. Additional gemstones can be added and the metal changed to yellow gold, rose gold or platinum, depending on what you find flattering and your personal preferences.

    A very reassuring aspect to consider is that the design can be remodelled at any time to a traditional North-South setting (down the finger line) if you grow tired of its horizontal sideways appearance.

    A stone being placed side to side can be insanely striking. A unique & perfect choice for the traditional bride-to-be craving a touch of innovation.

    Understandably the trend of 2018 for engagement rings with a contemporary twist. 

    The cool facets of the emerald cut has always been a favourite of mine, with a touch of deco resurgence. A fabulous combination of modern and traditional:


    I love this stunning pear shaped centre stone set in the soft hues of rose gold:


    We love this marquise diamond set horizontally on an 18kt white gold band with a touch of pave diamonds accentuating the side details:


    The Orsini East West inspired design ‘Carrozzino’ ring, named for the side car, a fabulous way to tour your way around Italy:


    The Orsini Carrozzino ring is available to be customised in 14k, 18k white gold or platinum. To make the ring more traditional, migrain can be added around the edge.

     All custom engagement rings designed by Orsini are exceptional in quality, craftsmanship and beauty.  Learn more about Orsini Engagement Rings.



    With thanks to The Zoe Report