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    The Best Valentine's Jewellery Gift

    To help source the ultimate gift, we spoke to Sarah Hutchings, owner of Auckland jeweller Orsini.  Hutchings’ belief is that jewellery should reflect the owner’s unique sense of style and be cherished from generation to generation.

    Girlfriend, husband, significant other, whoever they are, let us help you find the perfect Valentine’s gift.

    In your opinion, why does jewellery make the perfect Valentine’s Day gift?

    Jewellery is one of the most romantic gifts, especially if there is a symbol of love. However, often it is just the act of buying a special gift with thought and meaning that counts the most. I believe that Valentine’s Day is an opportunity for a couple to celebrate their love for one another. It is little wonder that Valentine’s Day is considered an ideal opportunity to propose, and it is considered one of the most popular days of the year to get engaged.

    What should people be looking for when buying jewellery as a Valentine’s Day gift?

    Some people look for love symbols, however often it can be more subtle and be a hidden message. Our Dodo pendants and charms are very popular for Valentine’s Day as they have subtle messages. For example, the Dodo moon charm in rose gold, means ‘follow your dreams’, or the rose gold and champagne diamond starmeans ‘so happy to have found you’. Or else there is of course the Dodo heart jewellery, which we have endless options, such as the beautiful Dodo heart ring covered in diamonds.

    Necklaces are also very good gift options as there are no sizing issues. The silver Gucci trademark collection with hearts is a very popular choice for Valentine’s Day. If you are really interested in a ring, the petite Dodo diamond heart ring is stunning.

    One of my favorite pieces is the gorgeous heart earrings by Dodo Jewels.

    Dodo Jewels Heart Earrings

    What tips do you have for somebody who isn’t sure what jewellery their partner would like?

    Asking questions about the type of jewellery a person wears and the style of jewellery preferred will often allow us to advise on the perfect item of jewellery. There are many options that do not set the bank balance back too much if the choice is completely wrong. However often with a bit of help we can find the perfect option. We are also more than willing to exchange the gift if it is the completely wrong choice, or the wrong size, if it is in a resalable condition (due to health regulations, earrings are strictly non-refundable). There is nothing more exciting than to open a beautifully wrapped gift and have a lovely surprise.

    What are your top suggestions for Valentine’s Day gifts from Orsini?

    My favourite gift if the budget allows it is the Al Coro heart necklaces. Two of my favourites are the Palladio collection meaning ‘Joyful Romance’ or the stunning oversized icon heart pendant with 97 diamonds, 0.73cts. Another favorite is the perfect petite heart with white diamonds on one side and black sapphires on the other.

    Valentines Heart pendant

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