Bespoke - Custom Made Jewellery

Sarah loves designing bespoke or custom made rings and jewellery for customers. Whether it be redesigning older jewellery items that you no longer enjoy wearing, or creating new pieces based on your preferences, utilizing your diamonds or favorite gemstones.

The Orsini Coloured Stones Collection is a range of rings Sarah has created for clients than can be adjusted for different sized gemstones and metals. Coloured gemstones can also be used for engagement rings, particularly if they are sapphires and rubies. Sarah has a passion for gemstones having completed her GIA training in coloured stones and can source a large range and variety from her local suppliers or from trusted overseas gemstone suppliers. The precious gemstones used in this collection, black diamonds, sapphire, rubies (corundum) are hard enough gemstones to be suitable for engagement rings. Emeralds are not an ideal option for engagement rings as they can damage easily, especially if they do not have a very good clarity. Tanzanites can chip and abrade easily so these gemstones are also not recommended for engagement rings. Always ask a professional before choosing a coloured gemstone to ensure the durability is suitable for an engagement ring.

The Orsini Coloured Stones Collection of rings make stunning right hand rings, and fabulous birthday or anniversary gifts, especially with the gemstones association with wedding anniversary and birthdays. All of the Orsini ring designs can be made with different size and grade diamonds or with colored stones; black, yellow diamonds or sapphires, emeralds, rubies, aquamarine, tourmaline, tanzanites, topaz. Available in white, yellow gold or platinum.

Sarah and her team at Orsini Fine Jewellery have access to all the latest in jewellery design technology (CAD designs, wax molds) and specialize in creating stunning pieces that will be cherished from generation to generation. Sarah can source an extensive range of gemstones and will research options before bringing in stones to view on appro for clients. This is very helpful when trying to find a particular size, colour, shape and clarity gemstone.

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