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    Classic engagement ring design close up of ring solitaire diamond gold band Tulipano setting banner image
    Engagement Ring Classic Tulipano Design In Box Image Black And White


    Tulipano Setting

    a bespoke design.

    Inspired by the Tulip

    Orsini's most popular engagement ring designs is symbolic of natural beauty, in both its simplicity and elegance. Not letting anything distract from the one focal point, the diamond. A perfect setting for an engagement ring as it combines both flowers and diamonds, embracing a lifetime of lasting love, romance & beauty.

    Tranquil Beauty Inspired by Nature.

    Italian architectural building with Tulip flowers image inspiration for Tulipano ring setting

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    If you would like any assistance with your engagement ring selection journey, please feel free to get in touch, we are more than happy to help. Otherwise if you would prefer to go over any details in person, please get in touch with a time that best suits you to book an appointment.

    How much does this ring cost? +

    Our prices are dependant on the final design you would like, this involves the diamond characteristics best suited for you and therefor can alter the price significantly. We recommend choosing a design with a budget in mind, which we can then work with you to create your desired outcome.

    Do you have this ring in stock? +

    We always try to have all of our designs in stock ready for you to come in and view. It may not be the correct metal, size, or diamond carat weight you would like, however you will be able to see if the design you are interested in is perfect for you.

    Can this design be altered? +

    Absolutely! At Orsini we love working with our clients to design and create a ring that is just right in every way.

    What if I don't know my partners ring size? +

    We have several tips to obtain this information, see our ring sizing page for these. If you still do not know the rings size, we offer a complimentary resize to all of our designs.