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    Anatomy of a diamond

    It is really useful when talking about diamonds to understand the anatomy of a diamond.

    Having had GIA & GAA training I believe the information through the GIA to be very credible and accurate. Go to GIA Diamond Anatomy to learn more about the diamond:

    • Total depth
    • Table size
    • Crown angle
    • Crown height
    • Pavilion angle
    • Star length
    • Lower half length
    • Girdle thickness
    • Culet size

    How to estimate a cut grade by the GIA is also very useful knowledge.

    It is not necessary to have a full understanding of all this knowledge when buying a diamond as a diamond grader and expert will be able to give you advice. I’m a qualified diamond grader through the GAA so I would recommend making an appointment at Orsini Fine Jewellers in Parnell, Auckland. Ph 09 3543115 or email