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    Free Shipping within New Zealand

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    Free Shipping within New Zealand

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    Marco Bicego stand at the Basel Jewellery Fair 2016

    I was so excited to attend the Basel jewellery Fair for the first time. One of the biggest jewellery fairs in the World. This is an international jewelry trade show which takes place each spring in Basel, Switzerland. I was suitably impressed with the Marco Bicego booth at the fair, the stand was impressive being 2 stores high, the jewellery and new collections were stunning, and the hospitality very Italian, beautiful food, wine & cheeses.

    Please see below the interview/ conversation between Marco Bicego and Julia LeBlanc (VP of Marketing and Communications at Marco Bicego). Marco Bicego reflects on Baselworld…

    JL: Marco, you have been showcasing your jewelry at Basel for almost a decade. What is your favorite thing about Basel?

    MB: I love Basel because it gives me the opportunity to meet so many amazing people from around the world. Whether I’m catching up with a fellow designer or introducing my collection to a buyer or editor for the first time, I love having the opportunity to connect with people through my jewelry.

    JL: You are known for having a huge spread of delicious Italian foods and wines at your booth, making it quite the scene at Basel. Tell me more.

    MB: Well, as you know, I am a food and wine connoisseur. It’s very important to me to have the finest and freshest ingredients. People laugh, but I truck in from Italy fresh Italian cheeses, produce, meats and wines to have on-hand at the trade show. It’s part of me, part of the brand. It has also become a Basel  tradition that we have a moment at the end of every day where we share a glass of wine with our friends and colleagues. We call it a “Franciacorta Moment” and its stuck. We celebrate these “moments” all throughout the year!

    JL: Do you have a favorite Basel moment?

    MB: Yes, well, aside from all the fun parties we go to – it’s really the time well spent with our customers, when I can personally thank them for their support and strategize for  another year of success.

    JL: Any tips for staying sane throughout the show?

    Marco Bicego

    MB: It’s a furious pace but it’s incredibly rewarding. I try to relax and enjoy it (and the Franciacorta helps!)