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    Free Shipping within New Zealand

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    Small Businesses, Brand Partnership- NZ HERALD

    Great coverage about Orsini Fine Jewellery in recent months.

    In case you missed the articles, see below…

    Small Businesses, Brand Partnership

    NZ Herald, August 2015, Ellen Read

    Sarah Hutchings is the director of Orsini, a specialist retailer of fine Italian and European jewellery brands, as well as New Zealand custom-made jewellery. Orsini partners with a range of global brands, as well as local businesses including Kathryn Wilson, Storm & India Tea Sisters and Non Solo Pizza, and Hutchings says she looks to partner with brands that have the same values.

    "The most important things to consider are whether we have common brand values around quality, professionalism and a luxury experience, and without these I don't think the partnerships would work," she says.

    "I also love working with New Zealand businesses doing great things and leading women entrepreneurs. I think we share common bonds and it's just natural that we want to help each other to be successful."

    To read more….


    Sarah Hutchings: Orsini Fine Jewellery

    Sunday Star Times, July 2015

    Challenges & changes are all in a day's work for Sarah Hutchings...

    Business is Sarah Hutchings' baby.

    Many people chose or need to change careers these days, but few would have made as big a leap as Aucklander Sarah Hutchings.

    From working as one of the country's youngest midwives in her early 20s, via pharmaceutical sales in the United Kingdom, to coming home to set up as a jeweller and diamond rater.

    "It's nice to have challenges and changes in life. Life's too short to just do one path," Hutchings says.

    She is the owner of Orsini Fine Jewellery in Auckland's upmarket Parnell, but doesn't just run the retail side of the business, which includes importing luxury Italian brands. 

    Hutchings is also heavily involved in the design of pieces for her clients, runs her own jewellery workshop and is a qualified diamond grader.

    She sees similarities in her career evolution, saying "you're working with people – when you're a midwife it's a really trusting relationship. And helping people find special jewellery pieces is special too".

    "I love hearing their stories" – and yes, that includes some high profile clients, but she won't spill on who they are.

    Orsini opened for business in 2008, when Hutchings and husband Kent returned from the UK after several years working there. 

    To read more…

    Sarah Hutchings in the Star Times