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    Free Shipping within New Zealand

    Free Shipping within New Zealand

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    Free Shipping within New Zealand

    Free Shipping within New Zealand

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    Up and Coming Jewellery E-Commerce and Technology Trends

    The online jewellery market continues to sparkle and grow. Technological advancements and new business models are a force at work and consumers are continuously demanding more revolutionary ways from online businesses to close the gap between what they see online and what they feel when they receive their orders. Here are some trends that you, a jewellery enthusiast and shopper, can expect to see an increase of in the Jewellery technology and E-Commerce world, and with that, what you can expect to see more of from Orsini.


    The first and obvious trend is driven by the continuously growing number of mobile users. You can probably guess what the trend is, m-commerce (mobile commerce). Experts expect to see an increase in the number of payments using mobile phones from 4 million in 2014 to over 2 billion in 2020. Retail merchants selling jewellery are already at the forefront of mobile payment transactions being ahead of other merchant selling electronics, health and beauty, and other merchandise, but you can still expect to see jewellery merchants prioritise the support of mobile commerce and mobile payments as the consumer does.


    The second trend that again follows the continuously growing numbers of mobile users is the growing mobile-centric shopping experience. The mobile-centric shopping experience is beginning to dominate not just the jewellery e-commerce industry, but all e-commerce industries. This trend focuses on providing all jewellery shoppers with a seamless and well-optimised shopping journey so that you can fulfill your shopping needs and purchase the perfect ring, bracelet, or necklace from any mobile device.


    Currently, with many online jewellery retailers, you can expect to see stunning high-resolution images of a piece of jewellery, maybe from a few angles, and even worn on a model. This has become the standard norm for the online jewellery industry, but be prepared to start seeing 360-degree jewellery product videos to enhance your experience while shopping for your new jewellery piece, with every angle covered so you, the customer, can purchase confidently from the comfort of your home (or anywhere with your mobile device).


    Now we certainly could not list trends without mentioning the fast-growing revolution of social commerce. We’ve all witnessed Instagram's launch of shoppable posts – a feature that allows consumers to purchase your products directly from your post. Now you can be sure that the jewellery industry and Orsini will see you in the social commerce world making the experience and delivery that much better for you.


    An emerging trend is the ease in which we can research our market, and Orsini ratings are easily accessible via google and facebook. We increasingly hear from our tech savvy clients that they have researched us online before purchase to ensure they can trust us. Customer surveys, feedback are easily accessible with a glance at our google ratings. Especially for high end jewellery purchases.


    Now the final and most complex trend that is popping up in certain shopping areas is AR (augmented reality). This allows us, Orsini, to close the gap between what you see and what you receive when shopping online. Using AR, we can bring the store to you, allowing you to experience Orsini in a way that is more immersive. An example of AR is giving you the power to move through Orsini and virtually try on jewellery pieces. A feature that will undoubtedly make online jewellery shopping easier, more comfortable, more enjoyable for you.

    These technology and e-commerce trends should help retailers to tread a path towards a digital jewellery e-commerce world that prioritizes innovation, improved online shopping experience, and convenience or for you, and you can be sure that Orsini will aim to be ahead of these trends so that you know where to go to receive the best online shopping journey.