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    Infinity ring with 11 Oval cut diamonds set in platinum lying on fabric in the sun

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    Free Shipping within New Zealand

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    What are the best sellers this Christmas?


    The hottest ticket items this Christmas are by Gucci Fine Jewellery. The Gucci trademark ring in silver is so popular that we are unable to supply until February or March next year. Even though Gucci is by far a sell out, our other contemporary Italian brands are also incredibly popular due to the quality and beauty of the craftsmanship.

    Under the romantic and eclectic direction of Alessandro Michele, Gucci is redefining luxury for the 21st century and represents the pinnacle of Italian craftsmanship. They are manufactured by renowned Italian goldsmiths and meticulously checked by Gucci inspectors. From the 'GG' collections, ‘Horsebit’ bracelets, 'trademark' rings and necklace, these collections include some of fashion’s most sought-after pieces. Look out for our edit of jewellery, beautifully crafted from precious metals, mother-of-pearl and studded with diamonds. Made in Italy. The horsebit and flora collections below are exquisitely made and are one of the Orsini staffs favourite collections this summer.

    Gucci rings

    Other best sellers are the expertly and beautifully crafted Marco Bicego fine jewellery items. The headquarters where the jewellery is made is located in the Veneto region of Northern Italy, Trissino is near historical cities such as Venice, Vicenza and Verona. Every step of the production is done in-house, ensuring the highest quality of jewelry. They begin with the smelting their own 18K gold. From there the beauty of the piece begins to take shape by incorporating Marco Bicego's signature hand engraving and coil technique.The earrings have been the most popular are a beautiful gift without any sizing issues. The bracelets are also a lovely gift and can be easily exchanged if not quite right or there are sizing issues.

    Marco Bicego jewellery

    For those less expensive fine jewellery items, look no further than the Italian Dodo jewellery. The charms are made by the famous Pomellato house, the attention to detail and setting of the diamonds and gemstones. Crafted by the expert hands of jewellery artisans, and enhanced by an unconventional, playful and often ironic spirit, Dodo’s message received instant and still growing recognition, first triggered by the humorous and symbolic “talking charms”: the quintessence of the emotional and sentimental value that gives life to every Dodo piece. Unisex pieces of jewellery, with a strong identity and unique story-telling soul, in which every creature, symbol and letter holds a special meaning or a sense of love, luck, friendship and freedom. A gorgeous Christmas gift with a special message for a loved one.

    Pomellato will always be aspired by clients as their reputation as being one of the finest jewellery houses is world renowned. Iconic, colourful, unconventional. Founded in 1967, Pomellato has come to embody Italian craftsmanship at its purest combined with the profound knowledge of the most valued goldsmith techniques through a unique and distinctive spirit. A timeless art where quality meets a unique vision of luxury. A balance between the past and the future, tradition and innovation, rigor and experimentation with a sensual and often daring touch. Simply, different from the rest. Every day, over 100 artisans apply and hone their crafting techniques in the in-house workshop situated in the Milan headquarters. From the conception to the final creation, every single piece of jewellery comes to life forged by hours of intense labour and unexpected solutions. A process that brings together fascinating metals such as Pomellato’s signature rose gold, fine diamonds and coloured gems from all over the world.

    Pomellato gemstones

    The main technique used by the craftsmen is microfusion. Also known as lost-wax casting, the process dates back to 3500 AC and allows to depict soft lines and substantial, flowing shapes. This is how the artisans are then able to bring to life creations with a unique allure. This meticulous sense of crafting combines with the selection of increasingly rare semi-precious stones, becoming the ‘new precious’ of contemporary jewellery. This is the signature of Pomellato. The in-house goldsmiths are an essential part of the brand’s success. Their ritual of knowledge and experimentation, and the meticulous care and attention to materials embody Pomellato’s authentic mission to achieve beauty and marvel in every creation. Feelings and inspirations are captured instinctively, expressed in shapes similar to petite sculptures, each of which is nourished by the freedom of invention, curiosity and independence that fills the workshop’s air. The wish to pursue different solutions and perspectives is tangible as are the rare tactile and visual emotions that evoke the organic essence of nature.

    Pomellato craftsmanship

    In a choral game that thrives on exchanges, synergies, influence and continuous discoveries, the professional artistry of the goldsmiths meets with the Creative Director’s vision and the Gem Master’s competencies, envisioning and forging the unconventional. An example? Pomellato was the first brand to cut gemstones upside down, create irregular diamond pavés and adopt the cabochon style.

    Sabbia diamond collection

    Our stunning collection by Hulchi Belluni is the most extensive in New Zealand. Predominantly made from diamonds it is renowned for its eye for detail and exquisite finish, it has already gained admiration from all over the world. All the Hulchi Belluni jewels are made in 18karat gold set with high quality diamonds.There are different ways cover a gold surface with diamonds. In a ‘Pavé setting’ the stones are separated and held in place by little golden claws. In an ‘invisible setting’ there is a notch in each stone’s girdle that slips into a metal grid below the surface. This creates a continuous surface of diamonds with no gold visible between the stones. This setting is used in the Bellucci line. The Hulchi Belluni collections selected by Sarah Hutchings, Director, are from her travels to Europe each year.

    The Orsini boutique in Parnell, Auckland, is the perfect place for fine jewellery shopping as the jewellery is predominantly hand made, and has an extensive collection of fine quality jewellery.