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    Free Shipping within New Zealand

    Free Shipping within New Zealand

    Infinity ring with 11 Oval cut diamonds set in platinum lying on fabric in the sun

    Free Shipping within New Zealand

    Free Shipping within New Zealand

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    Free Shipping within New Zealand

    Orsini Atelier Space is designed for Engagement Rings Consultations

    Sunlight showing in new Orsini engagement rings atelier

    Orsini Fine Jewellers Engagement Rings Atelier

    Orsini Fine Jewellery new atelier space is an Italian-inspired space which has been designed to house the original jewellery creations of Orsini director Sarah Hutchings.

    Hutchings has been designing jewellery, including making custom engagement rings, since 2008. The opening of the atelier space means she now has a dedicated area to showcase her bespoke service and unique creations.

    Interior of Orsini Fine Jewellery with consult desk
    Wooden consultation desk at Orsini Fine Jewellers

    It also makes it clearer to clients that Orsini offers this service, in addition to selling jewellery from top Italian brands.

    “It was a couple of years after I started making the rings that I thought, really I should have my own collection [to show] what I’m doing in the background and make it more obvious for clients when they come in that, actually, I can do that service,” Hutchings says.

    Now when a person or a couple come in looking for engagement rings, they are able to easily view the collections of Hutchings’ designs, and sit with Hutchings in a private and exclusive space separate to the existing boutique for a consultation.

    “It’s quite nice that they can actually see different pieces now,” Hutchings says. “And often they’ve got an idea of what may be okay, often from exploring with friends, or their partner might have made a hint … Sometimes they’ve got no idea.

    “So it’s a little bit of a journey of taking them down the path of what would be the most attractive engagement ring to propose with. And you don’t want to disappoint, you want to delight. So it’s a lot of exploring, a lot of questions.”

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