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    Orsini's Six tips for planning the perfect proposal

    When clients come to Orsini seeking an engagement ring, it’s not uncommon that they’re racked with nerves over how to pop the question.

    It means we’re often asked for advice on how to carry out the perfect proposal. Here are some simple tips that will help you to propose in the most romantic yet stress-free way:

    1. Keep it simple

    The top piece of advice from Orsini director Sarah Hutchings is to keep it simple. Don’t feel as though you need to make an elaborate plan filled with grand gestures. Simply asking ‘Will you marry me?’ is already the most romantic thing you can do – over complicating how you ask those four words will only make it more stressful for you in the lead up to the big moment.

    2. Propose somewhere special

    If possible, you should propose somewhere that is meaningful to both of you. It could be a destination you like to travel to for weekends away, a place you went on your first date or a beach where you love to go for walks together. If you can’t think of an appropriate place that is significant for both of you, then propose to your partner at a spot that’s special for them – it’s all about making them ecstatic in the moment, after all.

    3. Propose during a weekend away

    If you’re struggling to find a local location to propose that has significance, proposing on a holiday or weekend away is a good option (it’s even better if your destination is somewhere you know you both love to visit). If you intend to propose while on holiday, it means you have options of the place and time where you do it. Should your plan to pop the question after dinner on the first night of your vacation be disrupted because you ran into friends, you can try again after your walk along the beach the next day!

    4. Propose somewhere private

    We’ve all seen the videos of grand public engagements, whether at a sports game over the Kiss Cam, on stage at a concert or at the top of the Eiffel Tower. They may be exhilarating for some, but we believe that a private proposal makes for a much more intimate experience. This is an occasion that’s just about the two of you. There will be plenty of time for celebrations with friends, family (and strangers, if you’re so inclined) later. Even the wedding ceremony will likely take place in front of dozens of others, so the proposal will probably be the most special celebration of your love ever experienced by just the two of you – make the most of it!

    And of course, as much as we want to be positive and believe that all proposals end with a yes, the fact is that sometimes they don’t. Proposing somewhere away from prying eyes will make the experience far less awkward if your partner politely declines.

    5. Keep it a surprise

    Whether you’ve had lengthy discussions about getting married or not, you should still aim to make the proposal a surprise. It’s going to be so much more memorable for both of you if you manage to catch your partner off guard – seeing their reaction when they aren’t expecting it is priceless, and your partner will never forget the feeling of shock and joy they felt in that moment.

    Engagement ring in an Orsini Proposal box

    6. Have the ring

    One of the best ways to keep it a surprise is to buy the engagement ring yourself and to not bring your partner ring shopping before you get down on one knee. If you have no idea what to buy your partner, we have a wealth of knowledge and expertise to help you find something special.

    Proposal image with engagement ring

    Before you make your purchase, take note of whether your partner wears white, rose or yellow gold jewellery. A safe option is to buy a round brilliant cut solitaire – this is the most traditional engagement ring style. You can always have it remade if it turns out that your partner would like something different. If you are very uncertain we can also give you a sample ring to use for the proposal, and then you can bring your partner back in store to choose something beautiful together. We recommend using our special proposal box which is a small size designed especially to be hidden away in a jeans pocket or jacket coat.

    To book a viewing for an exclusive consultation, visit orsini.co.nz

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