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    Orsini Director Sarah Hutchings and her team share their Autumn style insights

    Since opening the doors to Orsini Fine Jewellery in 2008, Sarah Hutchings has shared her infectious passion for handcrafted, unique Italian and custom pieces with discerning jewellery lovers across New Zealand. As a regular face in the pages of the likes of Denizen and MindFood's STYLE, Sarah is a trusted source of knowledge and inspiration for your perfect jewellery piece. Here, we discuss Autumn 2022 with Sarah and her team of jewellery experts, Harry and Amo.


    "I am often inspired by the changing of the seasons, and as the temperature drops after summer we tend to be drawn to warmer colours in clothing and jewellery. The go-to colours for gemstones this Autumn will likely be hues in purple, ochre, yellow, soft pinks and brown. Gemstones in these colours are available in many different price ranges. The more affordable stones for jewellery include garnet, smokey quartz, citrine, amethyst, iolite and tourmalines. For someone with a taste for more exclusive gemstones, we have sapphires, morganites and of course brown and champagne coloured diamonds.

    This season I am personally inspired by luxurious European style with a burst of edgy colours to brighten the mood, trench coats, cashmere fabrics and beautiful leather boots. When it comes to jewellery, I think gold chains are right on point with this style. Put on all kinds of chains, short, long, thick, thin and combine with a beautiful soft cashmere sweater and you have the perfect look for this autumn!
    Besides precious rose and yellow gold metals, the perfect addition to your autumn style will be vibrant, colourful gemstones such as the iolite and amethyst, showcasing blue and purple hues that are complemented by navy or cream clothing. If you are wearing softer, earthier tones, a morganite is the perfect match with its soft green and brown tones. I also love the warm soft tones of the latest Pomellato Nudo collections below.

    Pomellato Nudo Rings

    I love the contemporary style of Pomellato; their collections really appeal to confident and influential women. Pomellato pieces have the most beautiful hues and their designs are leading edge. I would recommend the latest Nudo collection cuff bracelets worn over soft cashmeres, or the rings layered in a fun assortment of colours to add warmth and vibrance to any outfit.

    My favourite look for men this season is the Gucci Icon ring. I love the Icon motifs; the planet, the bee, the stars and the Interlocking G are set against a black band made of synthetic corundum and alternate with multi colour gemstones. This ring has the playful, eclectic Gucci style that the brand is loved for. After all the lockdowns and health restrictions from Covid, we just want to have a bit of fun now! 

    Gucci Icon Ring

    My Autumn jewellery choice would be a pair of Gucci gold hoops, complemented with a bunch of different layered rings on my fingers. I also love the long interlocking G chain, layered with another necklace. This autumn, I would urge you to trust your own vision and run with it! There are no correct ways to wear jewellery. The most random and unexpected combinations are always the most interesting; and that is how you add a little sparkle to a dull April morning! 

    Gucci Yellow Gold Interlocking G Necklace

    Do you want to hear more about our beautiful jewellery this autumn? You can find us in the heart of Parnell. Also, make sure to follow us on social media, to make sure you don’t miss anything!