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    Free Shipping within New Zealand

    Infinity ring with 11 Oval cut diamonds set in platinum lying on fabric in the sun

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    Free Shipping within New Zealand

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    Free Shipping within New Zealand

    In Conversation with Kathryn Wilson & Our Diamond Shoe

    It is hard to believe where the last 10 years has gone since I created the world's most expensive diamond shoe (at the time) with the talented shoe designer, Kathryn Wilson. Here is a quick chat I had with Kathryn about her career, life & jewels...

    What is your greatest success in life?

    My two little daughters, Lola Belle and Stella Rose… they are a great reminder to do what makes us happy everyday.

    How would you describe yourself and what has made you such a success within your field?

    I love shoes… I believe the success comes with having a passion for your industry, your product and the people who support the brand. I love having a personal connection with the customers … it is a privilege living here in NZ and being part of a small community where our biggest supporters become friends and family to the brand.

    What is your favorite piece of Orsini jewellery & why?

    It would have to be my engagement ring that my husband Liam chose with Sarah’s help!! A beautiful cocktail style ring that sparkles and makes me smile… a close second would be the diamond covered Kathryn Wilson stiletto that Sarah made for a Ronald McDonald House charity project!! It was covered by global media as ‘the most expensive shoe ever made’ with 21 carats of diamonds and a reserve price of $500,000. We were even featured in the Daily Mail in the UK.

    What is your 3 favorite fashion pieces and why?

    A white shirt, a cashmere sweater and ballet flats – all timeless classics that never date.

    What inspired you to set upKathryn Wilson shoes?

    I wanted to make beautiful shoes that were limited edition, colourful, playful and unique… I was 22 years old and wanted them to be affordable for girls my age but have a point of difference from everything else available in NZ at the time. I selfishly design what I want to wear myself every season and now that we are 16 years into the brand we still follow this philosophy!

    What do you think was so special about the collaboration with Orsini Fine Jewellery?

    It was just such an amazing project at the time, to have created the most expensive shoe in the world due to the large carat weight of real diamonds on the shoe is a remarkable achievement!

    With such a successful career and busy life what do you recommend women do to de stress?

    Meet with friends often who make you happy and make you laugh… book a walk or yoga with a girlfriend as if it was an appointment that cant be cancelled or changed… put yourself first every now and then… its always the career, and family that get prioritised so once a month allow yourself some ‘me time’ to reenergise.

    What do you believe makes a confident women?

    Happiness, and a good nights sleep!