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    Free Shipping within New Zealand

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    Free Shipping within New Zealand

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    Orsini’s Diamond ‘Cinderella’ Shoe Goes Global

    I recently caught up with shoe designer Kathryn Wilson, she reminded me about our fabulous diamond shoe project. I was surprised to hear that there is still media interest out there, amazing after so many months. I was very proud to see it featured by Italian Vogue as I adore this magazine. Italian Vogue features the Diamond Shoe. Not only has the shoe captured the interest of many jewellers around the world of Gems & Jewelry, I was surprised when one of my clients mentioned that she had read about Orsini & the diamond shoe in Dubai and one of my suppliers had read about the shoe in a luxury magazine in Italy. I did not think it would capture so much world wide attention. Just goes to show that ‘diamonds and shoes’ are a girls best friend, and not just here in New Zealand!

    Recently the diamond shoe featured in the Daily Mail & the Sun newspapers in the UK.

    Daily mail featuring the diamond shoe

    Amazing the interest the shoe has generated! Diamonds are always associated with jewellery and now it goes to show how versatile diamonds can be, as long as the pockets are deep!

    Diamond shoe being made by Sarah Hutchings

    Orsini Diamond Shoe in progress

    Sarah X

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