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    Orsini’s Engagement Ring Trends

    Engagement rings are one of the biggest decisions a person can make and can be very stressful ensuring you make a choice that will last a lifetime. At Orsini we like to ensure you make the right decision based on classic trends as well as the latest up to date trends. 2014 trend reports are already on the horizon. According to a survey conducted by prominent online wedding site The Knot in 2011, 32% of engagements take place in November and December, I have analysed the GIA’s hottest engagement ring trends for 2013 and added my recent observations from my travels to jewellery fairs, research and my customers. The following is what I believe will be the key engagement ring trends for 2104.

    Halo Diamond Engagement Rings

    While the double halo has been regaining popularity the past few years, it has been incredibly popular in 2013-14. Two tiered halo settings create the impression of an even larger center stone, a very clever way to get maximum size and sparkle with a limited budget. The halo (or double halo) setting is often paired with a square or cushion-cut diamond, in place of the traditional round brilliant. Hulchi Belluni diamond rings have mastered this effect. I also have a number of these designs in my Orsini Engagement Rings collection.

    Jennifer Hudson’s platinum engagement ring highlights the center round diamond withan outer collar of small white diamonds encircling it.

    Colourful Engagement Rings
    A trend I have also noticed lately is a shift with a number of brides choosing coloured gemstones and precious stones. Champagne diamonds, cognac, pink and my favourite, fancy yellow. A classic gemstone colour is the blue sapphire—due in part to royal trendsetter Kate Middleton—are continuing to rise in popularity.

    The 10.02-carat emerald-cut diamond on Mariah Carey’s Jacob Arabo engagement ring is in her preferred hue: pink.

    Mixed Metals
    The color trend isn’t limited to the gemstones. More jewellery designers are incorporating mixed metals into engagement rings for a unique and colorful look. While platinum is still a top choice, the mixing of different colors of gold—rose, white and yellow—creates a look that appeals to many brides looking for something distinct and versatile. Black rhodium plating has also been used for a unique burnished black finish.

    Miley Cyrus’ $100,000 ring was designed by Neil Lane, and features a 3.5-carat stone with a gold band.

    Art Deco & Vintage Engagement Rings
    There’s something about vintagedesign that captures the romance for many brides-to-be. Vintage rings have increased in popularity over the last decade, and 2013 saw a particular interest in the Art Deco period. Many appreciate the intricate attention to detail, and the popularity of period shows like The Great Gatsby film have continued to fuel interest in these iconic designs.

    Penelope Cruz has a vintage sapphire engagement ring. The ring features a halo of sleek diamonds surrounding a gorgeous, velvety blue 3 carat sapphire, all in a floral-inspired antique setting.

    Fancy Diamond Shapes

    Sarah Hutchings  (Director at Orsini Fine Jewellery), has noticed an increasing interest in pear shaped diamonds and marquise diamonds. These can look stunning on a finger and often look much larger than the same carat weight in more traditional shapes such as round diamonds.

    Katherine Heigl’s three-carat pear shaped diamond is surrounded by pave, and the band incorporates part of her mother’s engagement ring. The ring was designed by Ryan Ryan. See more photos of Katherine Heigl and Josh Kelley’s wedding.

    Even though there are a number of engagement ring trends emerging over the past few years, there are classic trends which are always stunning. A classic single round solitaire diamond always looks amazing, especially if a very good quality diamond is used.

    … Adriana Lima he presented her with a five-carat round diamond surrounded by small pave set diamonds.

    It does not matter the size or shape, a diamond is the perfect gemstone for a very romantic proposal.