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    Free Shipping within New Zealand

    Free Shipping within New Zealand

    Infinity ring with 11 Oval cut diamonds set in platinum lying on fabric in the sun

    Free Shipping within New Zealand

    Free Shipping within New Zealand

    reworking existing jewellery

    Free Shipping within New Zealand

    The exquisite jewellery of Pomellato

    Here at Orsini, we just love the jewellery from the Milan based jewellery company Pomellato.

    Ever since Pomellato started designing jewellery in 1967, women from all around the world have fallen in love with  it.  Women from all different cultures who discover Pomellato remain loyal to them over many years.

    The main features which attract us to this special jewellery is the unique colour of the gold ( half way between yellow and rose ) and the rounded and tactile forms of the designs. Semi precious gemstones in all colours and pave diamonds in white, brown and black are also used in the jewellery.

    Nudo diamond ring

    Above is the latest Nudo ring by Pomellato, set with shimmering champagne diamonds. This is one of the most famous rings from the Pomellato collections. Read more from Mindfood about these rings.

    Dodo Jewellery

    Pomellato  launched a new brand in 1995 called Dodo. Dodo is a stunning collection of bracelets and charms, necklaces, rings and earrings dedicated to raising awareness to the protection of nature, and a portion of all sales gets donated to the WWF Italy. You will love the dodo charms as each charm has its own special meaning. Dodo jewels has a following around the world and I have clients contact me from Australia and America to source a special charm for a special meaning.

    Dodo charm bracelets

    Dodo charms


    Come and view our range at Orsini, and fall in love with Pomellato and Dodo Jewels.

    We look forward to seeing you soon

    The team at Orsini x