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Up to date diamond training is essential

Having just completed an intensive Diamond Grading course for a week through the GAA (in an Auckland Diamond Grading laboratory), I realised the importance of visually inspecting all diamonds with a loup or microscope. I did this before, however, my skills have dramatically improved after being assessed grading multiple diamonds of various styles, sizes, grades of clarity and colour. The course reinforced that cut and the dimensions (symmetry and proportions) of a diamond matters, especially when it comes to fire and sparkle. I was made aware of all the new treatments available to improve a diamond eg. fillers, and cautioned about online purchases of diamonds as there were a few horror stories. I always come back to the simple analogy ‘if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!’. I also truly believe diamonds should only be purchased with a credible diamond grading laboratory report, such as the GIA. I love diamonds & the expert knowledge makes me realise how remarkable they really are…Great fun!!

Sarah X

Orsini House