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    Free Shipping within New Zealand

    Infinity ring with 11 Oval cut diamonds set in platinum lying on fabric in the sun

    Free Shipping within New Zealand

    Free Shipping within New Zealand

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    Italian Handmade Jewellery

    Orsini specializes in Italian & European jewellery, and have selected the following famous & internationally renowned brands: Marco Bicego, Pomellato, Hulchi Belluni, Dodo, Gucci Fine Jewellery. All these brands implement 'hand crafted' techniques when making the fine jewellery. The jewellery workshops are predominantly based in parts of central & northern Italy. This region in Italy is world renowned for having the best master goldsmiths. Sarah Hutchings the Director of Orsini Fine Jewellery visits her Italian suppliers annually to select new collections for each season as well as extensive knowledge & training on the jewellery.

    Marco Bicego began his training as a gold artisan in the Veneto region of Italy at his father's fifty-year-old atelier. While there he refined his skills and began to experiment with his own designs, blending urban lines with ethnic motifs and merging natural forms with artistic outlines. This concept of drawing on multiple sources of inspiration has resulted in multi-textured pieces that are both beautiful and unexpected. In his own words, "All of my creations must be manipulated by hand in order for them to preserve a unique and luxurious experience."

    The exclusiveHulchi Belluni jewellery line, founded on 15th October 2001, started as a real classic collection. Thanks to its diversity as well as its innovative skills, Hulchi Belluni has become a line of genuine, high quality jewellery: renowned for its eye for detail and exquisite finish, it has already gained admiration from all over the world. Made exclusively in 18k white, yellow, rose gold, diamonds and gemstones.

    Founded in 1967,Pomellato serves as a brilliant example of the art of Italian goldsmiths. The company started life as a small craft workshop, and even though it has now grown to become an internationally famous brand, currently ranking among the first five European jewellers by sale. Loyal to the finest Italian goldsmith tradition, Pomellato creates top quality jewellery in a constant quest for the perfect mix between creativity, stylistic consistency, innovative technology and craft skills. Pomellato jewels are made in yellow, white and rose gold, and alloys have a 750/1000 title (18k gold).

    Orsini is also proud to be the exclusive supplier of the internationally renownedDodo jewellery in NZ. The comical Dodo bird from Mauritius is now extinct on account of indiscriminate hunting and the fact that it couldn't fly, so 'Dodo' is also a symbol for nature conservation.  Each Dodo is a little masterpiece, created by the goldsmiths at Pomellato, The jewellery is distinctive, poetic, fun and ironic, the Dodo collection is a unique and precious way of telling a story. The idea was to create charms that could be worn on their own or all together, whichever takes your fancy. Dodo was an instant, huge success, thanks in part to the message of love and friendship conveyed by each charm. Each 18kt gold Dodo charm has aspecial meaning. People all over the world collect Dodo charms and create unique necklaces and bracelets to tell the stories of their lives. By mixing 18k yellow gold, rose gold & silver, and stacking rows of bracelets and necklaces together, you are able to make your very own fun & personal Dodo collection.

    The most recent addition to our portfolio of jewellery brands is GUCCI Fine Jewellery  a famous and stunning collection of jewellery from one of the worlds leading luxury fashion brands. The Gucci jewellery are developed, manufactured and produced exclusively in Italy and in strict compliance with the laws laid down by the field of luxury jewellery. All Gucci jewellery are made in Italy and manufactured by famous goldsmiths living in the center and north of Italy where generations of expert goldsmiths have increasingly perfected their art over time. The Gucci Jewellery are made by a network of skilled goldsmiths and one of these is Gucci which also controls the quality of the entire jewellery production chain.

    Orsini Fine Jewellery supplies predominantly fine Italian jewellery from their carefully selected designers. We recommend you pop in to Orsini to view their stunning hand selected collections.

    Orsini Fine Jewellery is able to courier to Australia and other select countries with tax free savings. Please note that there will be an additional courier fee.