Jewellery Services

Orsini Fine Jewellery - Parnell

Visit the boutique at 241 Parnell Rd, Parnell, Auckland, New Zealand

Ph 09 354 3115, Email


NB: Orsini is now open Sundays leading up to Xmas

Mon-Sat 10-5pm

Late night Thurs 10-7pm

Sun 11-3pm


Custom Designed Jewellery / Bespoke Specialists
Jewellery Cleaning & Jewellery Repairs
Jewellery Engraving Services

Engagement Rings & Wedding Rings
Jewellery Makeovers / Redesigns
Italian Handmade Jewellery
Diamond & Precious Gemstone Consultations
Jewellery Valuations & Claims
Tax Free Savings When Traveling Overseas
International Shipping to Australia & Selected Countries
Gift Vouchers

Complimentary jewellery cleaning services available onsite

Please read frequently asked questions about our jewellery showroom for further information

We pride ourselves on our amazing sales support and personalized service.

Phone  +64 9 354 3115 Email